Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Fall Of Lucifer (Satan)

People people strange people .....

There had been times of great chaos , nt on earth bt even in heaven .
Well people say that devil resides in every soul , everyone has a dark side ... bt can you believe that even angels can have a dark side , the sacred ones ??

Darkness is nothing but light folded inside out .

Everyone has a pact with devil but the way we contol our inner beast , its our own choice ... still its an integral part of our soul .

I always say , " Forgive the one who betrayed you but neva forget the way he did " .
If u were at his place , u might have done that . Even your soul knows that , sometimes .

So here we continue the war of heaven .

Even good ones get jealous sometimes .... yup
..... the hunger of being the best makes them do so , challange the gods .

There had been times when this Lucifer , lived in heaven with other angels .
He was one of the best creation of god , one of God's favourite angel but Lucifer wanted the throne of God ,
so he opposed god , the will of being supreme made him do so .

He deceived God by tempting eve to eat fruit from the tree of knowledge , later giving it to adam as well .
The serpent (Lucifer) deceived God nd Eve.

There is no place in heaven for deceivers , so a great war took place between angels .
Lucifer (The dragon shaped angel) and his friends fought against Michael and the good angels .

Lucifer lost the battle and was thrown with his angels from heaven to hell like a lightning bolt , thatswhy he's also called the fallen angel or the morning/day star .

Rather the bible says that Jesus gave him this name , Jesus saw him falling from heaven like a bright star falling from sky .

Litrally Lucifer means - Light Bearer.

People call it Satan or Sign of evil , but i consider satan as a relegion , a religion of darkned souls accepting Satan as god .

The common sign " \m/ " is a sign of satan , the goathead with a pentagon is another sign of evil .

This fallen angel is getting many followers at present , and he's the reason of natural disasters like flood , hurricane , earthquakes ,etc .

 The god even cursed eve nd mankind for her act of believing satan , as she ate the fruit .
The only thing that is still getting pain is we humans , the wrath of god nd the will of satan .